First Time Mom: Sending an SOS

So we are just passed 30 weeks heading to 31 weeks!

I cannot believe how fast all of this is flying by. It is getting closer to D-day :)

None of the women in my family have made it to 40 weeks. Only to about 37 or 38 weeks. So from ALL the information I read (Which for this over analyzing person is two books, online classes, and many articles) genetics play a big part of all  things delivery. Or I could be the odd gene out and go over 40 weeks (please NO!) ... My guess is the little mister will be here in September.

Ethan is measuring a little on the bigger side. His belly is in the 68th percentile! He will be long as well. So... yeah I'm good for 37 weeks :)

So, since this is my first time delivering a baby. There are so many options and opinions. As previously stated I've read and read. But I really want to go in informed and know what basic things to expect. I know that there is no way to know exactly what will happen.

I found several examples of birth plans, and wow! All these decisions and I know I need to be decided before I'm in the moment because it will be too overwhelming for J and I to make those decisions.

Who do you want in the room? Circumcision or no? Vaccines? Drugs? How do you want the babies heartbeat to be monitored? Are you going to eat? Not eat? Move around or not?  Episiotomy or not? Push when I feel the urge or wait to be told?

and on, on, and on...

Then we get to postpartum. Oh boy, in all honesty I'm more concerned about that then the labor. Do you know how many women talk about the first time you go #2 after labor and how scary it is!? Ugh, or how when you pee you need to have a squirt type bottle? Then there are hemorrhoids, stitches...

So you mommies that have been through this, please any tips on postpartum and what to take with me to the hospital would be greatly appreciated!

This first time mommy needs your help!

Aunt LaLa


  1. I'm so excited it's almost time for you!!!!!

    Pack lightly. Seriously. Don't go overboard. You won't need it.

    Bring tank tops!!! I had so many hormonal hot flashes with both, it's not even funny.

    Those hand mittens for Ethan. Oliver scratched himself so bad because it never occurred to me to have those.

    DO NOT let anyone scare you should you need a csection. Trust your gut. If you and your doctor agree it's a smart decision, go with it. I promise you they are not as scary as all the horror stories you hear. I've had 2!!!!

    If you don't feel like talking or having visitors, that's okay. Everyone will understand. I promise.

    Okay, this one is gross...since you're having a boy, make sure you push the skin around his business all the way down and clean around it. Oops, we didn't know that with Oliver and like two months in the doctor is like you're not cleaning him very well. Awesome. Didn't know we were supposed to be doing that!!!

    Hmmm, if I think of anything else, I'll message you.

    Good luck! I promise you this is going to seem second nature to you as soon as he's here. Poof, you will literally not remember your life before he as a part of it.

  2. You'll do fine. As far as #2 after, just keep it soft. Eat veg and fruit or anything that does not bulk. You may not have stitches at all or maybe just a few. As far as who you want in the room, I don't think you will care if the Pope walked in. LOL!


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