Here we go again...

I bet you thought this was going to be about President Obama being re-elected... Well its not. :)

It is however about going going to another Dr... Remember that mishap with a Dr just a few weeks ago I posted about here...

Well today I'm venturing to another Dr. ... While I hate finding a new one it is a must. This particular facility is supposed to be really good. So please pray it goes well. My last experience was not a good one.

Moving on...

I'm hoping to hear about my new job with a starting date... Hopefully sooner then later!! :)

Another thing... I'm tired of all this doom and gloom. It actually makes me physically sick. Maybe I'm niave to want to just live my life without thinking of consequences of our government has in my life. Will worrying, complaining, conspiring change anything???


For goodness sake, our votes don't really count that much. LOL No, but seriously. I'm choosing to trust in my God!! Who is bigger then any government or leader.

So with that I leave you this...

Job 42:1 "I'm convinced: You can do anything and everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans"

Happy Wednesday!!

P.S. Guess who is hanging out with me today?? 

Excuse the no make up but I thought this was so cute! 


  1. Amen cousin! People are getting on my last nerve today!

    Good luck with the Dr!

  2. We can pray and that's what we should do even if Romney would have won!
    Good luck on the new doctor, I am sure everything will be fine...relax...deep breath.
    Love you

  3. Awww, I love that picture! I would never have thought that you weren't wearing are just glowing with happiness! :-)

  4. This picture is beyond adorable!!!!!

    I hope your appointment went well. You deserve a doctor who is wonderful to you.


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