Birthdays, Earthquakes, and painting

I have to have one of those random lives that people look at me like I'm joking when I tell them things.

Maybe I think too much of myself... oh well. I think my life has some quirks! (Smile)

Some thing I've never expeirenced happened Saturday morning! I experienced an earthquake! There was an earthquake in Kentucky and we felt the aftershocks from there passed us to Georgia! If you have ever never expeirenced this... well it is really just.. weird, for lack of a better word

It felt as if someone was standing at the corner of my house and pushing it back and forth. It last for what seemed forever but was probably right under a minute. I really didn't realize until afterward what happened... I thought a big gust of wind and a tree was falling! But everyone was fine, but I believe there was extensive damage in KY. So say a prayer for those folks. I did see a funny pic yesterday on Facebook and I have to share...

I busted out laughing at this one! 

So as you all read my sweet niece O turned 4 Saturday!! Since it was her mothers weekend my brother had her and E for just the afternoon. It was so fun though! We went to the dog park so she could play wither her Pixel and her Tank (my brothers dog and Pixel's brother). Oh they were so snobby... ignoring the other dogs to play together! It was hysterical! We went and had dinner and shopped for birthday presents! :) She picked out some walkie talkies and some sunglasses... Can't wait for her party next weekend!

Pixel was going to see her brother! 

He is never still! and my shutter on my phone is too slow! :)

E loves his memaw!

The birthday girl and I! I love her so!

Yesterday was a calm day... Church, flea market, lunch, then home for the afternoon. I actually did some painting yesterday on our porch which was so relaxing... Good boy J! :) 

(He bought me some canvas's for my birthday so that I can de-stress... smile)

Ended it with a funny conversation with my best bud... and cuddle time with the hubs!

So that was my weekend! How was yours? 

Pixel and Abby had some cuddle time to :)


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend!! I so wish I was good at painting, it looks like it could be relaxing. For me it's just stressful, though, because I'm so bad!!

  2. You had a full weekend for sure! Busy days ahead too!! Rest when you can and good luck on the new job!! LOve ya

  3. Oh my gosh, how scary!!! I've never been in an earthquake!!


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