What makes you?

If you had to say one thing that makes you, you what would that be?

I have been really thinking about this subject.

What makes up my life?
What defines me?
 If a certain item is taken away from life where would that leave me.

Family may define you. Faith may define you..... or your spouse, kids, job, friends...

What SHOULD define us?

I would like to think that every aspect of our life is makes us who we are... Some things more than others.

I think sometimes we are unhealthy in the way certain things define us. Such as a bad past.. it gave experience and altered you but doesn't have to DEFINE you..

Me and God are hashing this out.

And I would love to hear your thoughts on this...

What defines you?

What SHOULD define you?

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  1. What defines me? I looked on Webster and I wasn't in there!! Haha! Seriously though, I think it is basically your up bringing, my mom praying for me, I know some is in your genes but really it is the life you've lived, your up and downs, your "cheerleaders" in your family (like grams. haha). And one important thing is your choices in life. All choices have consequences !! Good and bad!

  2. This is a really brilliant post. What a fantastic question. I honestly don't have an answer!! It's hard not to automatically go to physical things.

  3. Love your blog!
    New follower!

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