Stop Yelling!

Funness.... is it a word? Of course it is!

Good news! I heard from HR yesterday!

Getting closer to actually starting the job! YAY!

Tomorrow I'm meeting  with HR for the paperwork. Apply for my badge.

So stinking excited!

I'm still at my current job right now and will be until I'm booted out! Smile. No,  I'm hoping that the schedules do not conflict. However if they do I have the full support to pursue this new job from my current on. They are just awesome like that! I'm going to miss it terribly when that time comes... moving on...

Have you and your significant other or someone you have lived with constantly want to talk to you from the other side of the house? It goes something like this...


L: What?

J: Lauren!!!?

L:What do ya need?!!

J: What??

L: What! Do! You! Need?!

J: Lauren!!

L: Good greif. (gets up irritably goes to the room where J is) What did you want?

J: I was yelling for you...can you hand me towel, find the blah blah, check the yadda....

You can fill in the blanks! This is something that happens regularly at our house... We are both guilty of it! You would think we would just get up and go to person. Oh boy, laziness always rearing its ugly head.

Thats all for today... See ya tomorrow!


  1. Oh yes... conversations like that happen so often in my house. It's ridiculous. It tends to be Colon calling me, though!

    XO Lourdes

  2. I NEVER YELL!!!! NEVER! Just kidding, haha, you know me !!
    So glad you have a new job, although the old one was just what
    God planned for a while! It helped you grow! Love you!

  3. haha, I feel like we have those conversations in our house a lot too! congratulations on moving forward with your new job!!

  4. Congrats on being official at the new job! How exciting!

    I'm following you back and looking forward to getting to know you :)


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