To Vote or not to Vote?

So, there are some people on my life who are all about politics, voting, debates... ect. I am not one of these people.

There are also people in my life who take a more cynical point of view and believe our votes don't count. The government is crooked, they will put in there who they want. We are only a suggestion. I am not one of these people either.

Over much deliberation with in myself I decided I was going to vote. These are MY reasons why:

1. Our current presidents policies upset me and I don't agree with them. I feel the "other" guy is less of the two evils (not literal, just a figure of speech).

2. Even if our government is corrupt (Because face it we know it is unfortunately) there are men and women who have LOST their lives fighting for my freedom. And one of those freedoms is to vote. I feel not to vote is dishonoring them. So as I vote today, I will be remembering all the men and women who have or are fighting for our country.

3. Social pressure... when someone finds out your not voting or didn't WHOA!! If looks could kill... wow (This isn't a real reason for me but is valid none the less)

OK, thats my one and only (sort of) political post you will see until the next election!!  : )

Have a great day everyone!


  1. And I completely agree with this post. I voted because my parents both come from countries where voting is not a right for it's citizens. It is something that they are so proud to be able to do. PLUS I really do believe that I could make a difference!

    XO Lourdes


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