It's Thursday, Lets talk about Wednesday

So if you follow me on Instagram then your know yesterday was exciting!

I became official at my new J-O-B! Got my paperwork done, my drug test, and I got my "official" badge/ID.

Can we say excited!!??? YES WE CAN!! Looking forward toward this new door God has opened!

I noticed that I have 2 new followers! Welcome :) I'm so excited to see what place my little 'ole' blog has in God's plan.

Yesterday Josh was off and hung out with me while I was getting all this stuff done. Our schedules can get so busy. Life can really crowd us ... we have just felt disconnected. But we are continuing to pray and find ways to strengthen our marriage.

While we were chillin (I'm such a dork) I was messing up my words ALL day.. Here are just a couple that J busted out laughing at :)

~When trying to find our GPS... I asked where our GheePS was! Like Mcghee without the Mc... He found this hilarious!

~We were discussing other people's parenting skills... which always leads to what we want to do with our children. One of the things we talk about a lot is to protect and shield them , but not so much to where its crippling. To find that balance. As we are discussing seriously... I loudly said

"Come on people let your kid out of the BOWL!"


"Wait, I mean bubble!"

Insert hysterics here. I know it was silly but we had a great time! :)

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!

PS I'm totally in this COOL new blog hop! Come join!


  1. Congrats on your new job! New follower from the Almost Friday Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you back :)

  3. Oh my, you are so grandma! With messing up the words thingy. LOL!

  4. I am going to get my kids out of the bowl! :)

    Colon hears some crazy things come out of my mouth too!

    XO Lourdes


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