Flight of the Bumblebees

Ever hear that song Flight of the Bumblebees?

That's what I feel should be my theme song for the week. It's been crazy busy and emotional.

Yet, as I sit here in the hospital waiting for a family member I feel so blessed.

The family member is only having a routine procedure... nothing serious. I'm thankful.

The fact I have had events and people to fill my life this week makes me thankful.

I got to have lunch with the greatest grandparents by myself. I'm thankful.

I'm thankful I made it through yesterday and today is better.

I also got a special gift from my grandparents that they made for me.
"So that I can take Hope with me"

Until tomorrow...
Love, Aunt LaLa


  1. Love this. I am thankful for meeting you through this crazy, crazy blogging world! Love that necklace and I am glad that you are finding some happiness!

    Happy Thanksgiving

    XO Lourdes


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