So I have changed my blog up a bit! I hope you like it! I have a new button and title. The picture was actually taken by J! And I did the editing. I'm hoping to grow this little blog of mine :)

The apartment hunt continues!! ARRG!

Who knew finding a place would be so taxing? Not I... Here are a few things to definitely keep in mind when looking for a place...

1. They have accurate numbers. (HELLOOO!!!)
2. Are not rude when talking for your first conversation (You do realize you want me to pay you right?)
3. Too many personal questions, even if you follow up with saying "If I may ask" NO YOU CAN'T!
4. They will not show you an apartment (people I'm not living some where I can't see first, thanks)
5. The prices keep changing. (If you are not charging that then um... stop advertising it)
6. OVER charging (Keep looking and comparing prices)
7. PET PEEVE: I don't mind paying a pet fee. I have a dog. I know its a liability. FINE. But if I pay a large amount of money for my pet to live in my home, I still have to pay you a monthly fee as well?? And pay renters insurance??? HUH?? OK SORRY, thats a no-go


What a beautiful weekend! Friday night we got a wonderful surprise. My sister & fiance from GA are visiting along with my nephew!! Saturday we got to all go to the park and watch all 3 beautiful kids play together! I love seeing them play. It reminds me of when we played with our cousins when were little. JJ was so happy to see us. You could tell he missed us! WE missed him! After playing at the park my wonderful dad cooked for all of us!!

He cooked his egg rolls! Let me tell you about these egg rolls. First its his own recipe. cabbage, sausage, spices, sometimes he adds different veggies.  I LOVE them. He always makes LOTS because we all eat and eat. Then he packs a to go bag for each of us. He made a stir fry rice concoction that was YUMMY! Then we all sat around and talked. Played with the babies. It was nice.

Then mom and I ran around shopped for the moms. And we found an apartment that I'm excited to look at as soon as the guy can call me back :)

Yesterday, service was beautiful as always. It has been such a blessing to have peace. And joy. I was feeling low past couple of weeks. But God is in control!  I got to worship with my family, love on my mom and grandma. We then went and seen my in-laws. Who I love! She was so excited over our doting and gifts. She very rarely sits and relaxes. She didn't have a choice yesterday :).

So it was a great Mothers Day!

and a tad painful. For me. Every year I wonder if next year will be it for me. Will I have that child my arms long for. Who knows. God does, and I have to trust in him. Not saying its not difficult because its very hard some days. But I take one day at a time.

But I have children in my life that I love and instruct. I celebrate what I am to them. I love BEING Aunt Lala. They warm my heart. And make it easier to wait.

E! I just love this cutie! 

O and J playing!


  1. I love your page. You are great. Each of us are blessed in a way or form with you in our lifes. I love you sissy and I am so proud and happy of and for you


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