Top 5 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Just Peachy

1. Dog the Bounty Hunter... I LOVE this show. I love all the family. I could watch it all the time. They just crack me up! And it makes me mad when people say mean things about them! You don't know them! Wait... I don't either! Moving on!

2. Perfumes, body sprays, lotions... my bathroom is filled with this stuff!! It just doesn't stop with me. Josh owns SEVERAL colognes, lotions, body wash...I love going to perfume stores and smell the colognes! When a man passes me and I smell the cologne I can usually can tell what it is & I get a smile on my face. I'm so strange. 

3. I LOVE french fries! Not just any french fries. McDonald's large fry. People, I would go without to be able to buy a large fry from good ole' Mcd's. Don't waste your time telling me how gross that place is or that they cook with pink goo... Nope, won't stop me. I LOVE them. When I'm upset this is my go to food. Unhealthy much? Yes. Do I care? Nope. :)

4. I'm addicted to Murder, She Wrote... I would be Jessica Fletcher's best friend. ALL 12 seasons are on Netflix. I'm on season 7. Its so entertaining. Its a fantastic show! Angela Lansbury is so awesome! 

5. Listening to songs from when I was a teenager... Early 2000's late 90s. Love to listen ALL of it back from the day :) I love to reminisce and blast "I Hate Everything About You" still to this day with the windows down! Why?? I don't know. Told you I was strange! HA!

Thats all for today!! 

Happy Blogging! 


  1. murder she wrote,how funny :)

    happy tuesday!

  2. OMG McDonalds fries has the same crack ingredient that lays potato chips has. SO ADDICTING!

  3. You know I did a post on Dog...
    it was really funny.

    There is something about McD's fries, isn't there? They are THAT good!!
    And crazy you can tell the type of cologne when guys walk by! I can't go in those perfume stores, gives me such a headache. :(

    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. Umm... yes to Dog the Bounty Hunter! I thought I was the only one.

    Xo Lourdes

  5. Dan used to watch Bounty Hunter.

    Oh and their fries are so good, you can find them a few months later, and they look exactly the same ;)

    I listened to some cds I had burned from the 90s and laughed my head off... with Cara :) had christian music mixed in with nelly rap lol



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