Dude...take your dog

The house we are moving into is in the process of a few things.

  1. Finishing up the work on the foundation (80 year old houses need a little help)
  2. New paint on the shutters
  3. New dry wall on 2 or 3 walls
Sounds exciting right? I know! I'm excited!! 

The problem: Current tenant. Due to circumstances I can't share because it's obviously his privacy, he is supposed to be vacating the property. However, he continues to avoid the owner of the house and WILL NOT remove his property. He has promised several times he is moving his stuff out. The owner of the house is older, she has been trying to get him to cooperate. I feel sorry for her. So we shall see. He left his poor dog there for 4 days by itself. The proper authorities were called and he picked the dog before it was taken from him. Not sure if thats good or not? It was a beautiful black lab.  Legally there is something she could do. But if you have ever dealt with legalities you know this is not a fast process. And since our D-Day is May 31st...it's cutting close. 

The GOOD NEWS: The contractors say that they work should be done Friday and if the current tenant will let the owner know he is not returning we can go in there and CLEAN and PAINT! Yay! Which I'm excited about! So fingers crossed, hands together praying, and whatever other things people do - hoping this  "dude" gets moving :)

Josh and I have decided how to honor our baby. When the time is right we will share. But there is just so much going on right now. We definitely feel a little more peace now that we decided how to honor our baby. I do want to express my thanks again for the prayer and to the ones who have wrote me. Not many. But the ones who have I apprietiate. Knowing people care and recognize our grief means a great deal to us both. 

Until tomorrow... 

Happy Blogging!


  1. So you finally get to move in!! Shouldn't take long to paint and clean if we all put our work clothes on.
    Glad you and Josh decided to pick something to honor your baby. Sometimes it gives closure or a way to remember. Maybe never any closure I guess just acceptance that our Lord knows best and He is the healer of all broken hearts. When Kristi and Brian decided on giving teddy bears to the hospital for the mothers that lost a child, I think it helped them heal. Not forget, just heal. Giving is always a good idea and that you helped someone else get through a tough time.
    You and Josh are loved by all the family. I do pray for God to give you the desires of your heart and bless you more than you could ever imagine. Big kiss, grams

    1. Thank you grandma! Your right, it does help. Love you BUNCHES!!!! Thank you for your encouragement! I'm looking for your comments :)


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