Cleaning and packing until 2:30 am. Up at 8:00 am. Moving since around 10 am. Just now sitting down. Can you day TIRED? I think we can. We still have to find a matress today. Other wise the couch and love seat are our beds. Smile.

Thankful right now for so much. God is faithful. These past 2 months have been awful. But through every trial, he has brought us through.

I had a slight moment today leaving. Three years is a long place to live for me. Plus its the only place I had the baby. See here I go again. I know that time will heal, and I'll have a few more hard days ahead, but God is carrying me right now.

Last night a young women I know have me something so precious. It meant so much. I don't know if she even realized how that gave me a little piece of healing. So thank you again C.N. :)

So, I will see all you people tomorrow!


  1. It is always bittersweet to leave somewhere, someone in the past and move forward, but we need to move forward in God's plans. The tears we shed are real however and our hearts may yearn for the comfort of the familiar, but the excitement of the new and unknown are calling our spirits to fulfill the plans of God. Your are blessed my daughter to have already concluded this in your heartbreaking journey. God speed ahead, and I love you. May God bless your footsteps to your new beginnings.


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