Top 5 Tuesday!

Just Peachy

This is my FIRST post for Top 5 Tuesday and I'm super excited! So here it goes...

Topic: Best Things About Summer

1. I'm going to the beach in August! 
I don't care if I have to eat pb&js or roman noodles the whole week... 
I will just eat it on the beach :)

2. Pools open!! 
I LOVE swimming,
 in face the hubs and make frequent trip to 
indoor pools

3. That we BOTH have jobs! 
Last summer kind of stunk after the hubs got laid 
off at the beginning of summer EEEK!

4. Flip-flops.. 
I wear these things until I absolutely can't. 
They are the most comfortable shoe!

5. Its not until September - 
but thats right after summer... 
Our church's ladies retreat. CAN NOT WAIT! 

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Happy Blogging!


  1. The Lord had to love the beach too for he put so much relaxing peace there! You deserve to go to the beach! Which room am I staying in? :)

  2. flip flops made my list too :)

  3. I love my flip flops too!


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