What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie

I'm Loving that today seems a bit better and not too much crying
I'm Loving that we were so surrounded by so much love yesterday. Post, messages, text, phone calls. 
I'm Loving that I went to the Dr. today and physically everything is OK
I'm Loving that tonight is our LAST night at the apartment. Bittersweet. 
I'm Loving that the Dr and I talked about a pregnancy plan. I'm excited
I'm Loving that this moving is almost done!! YAY! 
I'm Loving that this new Dr. understood me and listened. 

I'm Loving my wonderful husband!

I'm Loving my wonderful Lord

Until Friday.. I will be MIA tomorrow due to moving :)


  1. Glad your on the "up side" today! I am loving that you seem much much better!


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