What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie

I'm Loving that Josh and I are in the process of deciding how to honor our baby we never got to hold

I'm Loving that our faith in Jesus is carrying us moment to moment

I'm Loving that as the days pass its closer and closer to when we get to move into our house

I'm Loving that we have so many people in our life that love us and are praying for us

I'm Loving that my hubby is protective of me :)

I'm Loving that even though Abby is 10 she still is so vibrant (even if she is blind)

I'm Loving that Pixel is learning more and minding better (not too much though)

I'm Loving the new flowers I got for our yard

I'm Loving the colors we have picked for the kitchen


I'm Loving the template I got at Home Depot

For a DIY self project for the cabinets 

I'm Loving the new books I found at McKay's Book Store  (LOVE THIS PLACE!)

I'm Loving my new hair

I'm Loving (totally, absolutley, whole heartedly,) my husband


  1. YES! Those colors are gorgeous - your kitchen is going to look fantastic! Hope your weekend is going amazing!


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