Abram,I'm sure wasn't feeling it

Not feeling like being at work
Not feeling like looking at one more stinkin apartment
Not feeling like having to sneeze every few mintutes
Not feeling like taking all this stuff to my parents
Not feeling like doing ANY thing

OK, sorry to be so transparent and negative. Usually not my normal. Today I'm just tired. Tired of people who think its ok to lie about others. Tired of packing. Our lease ends May 31st. And its already the 7th and I almost have the whole house packed! HA!

Yeah, can you tell I'm ready to get this over with!

Yesterday it was my turn to teach the older elementary kids. So I decided now that we have been through Christmas & Easter that I'm going to pick up with the next bible story. Which was Abram (later known as Abraham) as I was studying and getting the lesson together it didn't hit me that I'm in Abram's situation.

Not exactly in the same situation. However, I personally believe there is a rhyme and reason to things. And I believe that God has a plan for J and I's life. In Genesis God tells Abram to take his property and wife ( at 75 mind you) and move from his home land. Some where he probably grew up, met Saria (later known as Sarah), married, and made a life. But God had a plan.

So as we pack the apartment and not knowing where these boxes are going or where we will be by the end of May. I do know that I serve an amazing God. He has a plan, and I have a purpose.

Well that did get a bit more positive as I wrote didn't it?? :)

I am going to try and see an apartment today that I absolutely love so be praying for us please.

Happy Blogging Everyone!


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