Wheres is Wednesday?

So on Wednesday I usually always blog "What I'm Loving"... But yesterday was a total blur. We were unexpectedly told that our lease was not being renewed and that on May 31st we are to relinquish our keys.

**Insert some crying, confused, stomach hurting, trying not to have a full blown panic attack**

Well we talked to one apartment yesterday they are having an AMAZING move in special ... however we just don't have the money to even take advantage of that. We have not been saving to move... Geeze.

Needless to say I've been out of sorts. I don't like change. And this one is a biggy.

But want to know something amazing???

I checked my school email today, and I've been watching for my awards package. Which I was giving time for the office to get together and not hound them (if you have ever dealt with financial aid sometimes they can DRRAAAGG their feet).

Back to checking email: I seen that I had a receipt. Which made me confused because it was a receipt for tuition paid. So I called the FA office, I had been awarded. My letter for some reason did not arrive at my email! So next week I will receive what was left which a pretty good bit! Which will definitely help us move....

God sees my tears. Even when I doubt he still blesses me. He is like that, isn't he? Just absolutely amazing!

Prayers are appreciated that God will guide us to where we need to go.

Happy Blogging!!


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