What I'm Loving Wednesday

I can NOT believe its Wednesday already!! Well I'll be linking up with Jaime WILW! 

I'm Loving that on New Years eve Josh and I will be actually going OUT and celebrating... Planning on dressing up

I'm Loving that Christmas was spent with the people I love most, and on Christmas @ my grandparents we weren't missing anyone, everyone was there

I'm Loving that my little nephew is almost saying my name... he talking more and more

I'm Loving that I still have my decorations up

I'm Loving that I have a job I enjoy going to

I'm Loving that I will soon be back in class, every class I complete is one more class closer to graduation

I'm Loving me some Coffey Anderson this week, love his songs!

I'm Loving my hubby being so cute in his fedora's

&& most of ALL I'm loving my Lord and Savior! ~ So that I may DECREASE , so he may INCREASE ~ John 3:30

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Cute picture with your nephew. Love the link to Coffey Anderson. Never heard of this artist but will be checking it out! Have a great day.

  2. I love it when everyone makes it for the holidays!

  3. What a cute picture! And a cute husband - you two are adorable together! I love that you had a great holiday :)


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