Manic Monday-Better Tuesday-Loving Wednesday

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Monday was just one of the days where one of the things I want more then anything was heavy on my heart. But my wonderful honey reminded me that "God has a plan, its not going to be everyone else's.We have our very own."

He is right. God does have a plan. However I'm only human. I feel what I feel. For  an amount of time Monday I did feel blah, I had a good cry. But I got better. Not wanting to go into details, I hope the next couple months will show us maybe a little peek of what God has in store.

So... What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm  Loving my sweet group of sisters at HCF (Safehearts)

I'm Loving that I found two of the cutest gifts for my niece and nephew

I'm Loving that the 20th is almost here... YAY!

I'm Loving that I have my grandma and grandpa

I'm Loving that I have 2 nephews and a niece who always puts a smile on my face.

I'm Loving my diet coke =)

I'm Loving my husband who is always supporting me! He stinks at cleaning and taking out trash but excels at supporting me, being there for me emotionally, and putting up with my hormones lol


  1. LOVE that last picture of you and your Hubby! Very cute!

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  2. how sweet!

    i love being an Aunt too :)


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