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Ho...What is the worst gift you have recieved for Christmas?

Honestly, I can't think of one! That is crazy... However Josh says his was a Cd that was bubblegum HA!

Ho Ho...What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Polar Express. I could watch this movie a million times and I still tear up. It gives me that warm Christmas feeling. I watch it EVERY year as we put up the tree.

Ho Ho Ho... Fill in the Blank: My favorite Christmas dessert is...

Probably my grandmothers fruit cake. Now this isn't your average (yuk) fruit cake. It is the most scrumptous thing ever! Oh I love it! I'll post the recipe if I can get is from her.... * hint hint* I know your reading this Grams =)

AAAHHHH Christmas is only 3 days away! And if you count celebrations on Christmas eve its only 2 days, and since it is technically Thursday now its only 1 days....yeah I'm still operating on kid logic during Christmas! ♥ heehee.... I LOVE Christmas!!!


  1. Oh.Me.Gah - seriously, CD bubblegum TOTALLY brought back old memories. However, I can't imagine getting that for Christmas! Good stocking stuffer though. :)

    The Polar Express, never seen it and ALWAYS wanted to. Maybe this year's Christas Eve morning movie? I think so!

    Merry Christmas Lauren & Josh! Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday filled with joy & laughter!

  2. Yeah, he said he really wanted some CD by an artist so when he opened he seen the shape thats what he thought he got! But it was gum.. lol. He said he never got that CD... he is still pouting about it =) Boys!


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