Saintly Saturday

So today I spent my fourth year in a row at Weigles Family Christmas. Where 150+ kids get to go to Kmart in Knoxville, TN and buy Christmas presents for themselves (and occasionaly family) with $150.

So this year I ( my aunt and cousin) got to spend it with a beautiful little girl "A". She was such a personality. "A" was so excited. She was about 6yrs old. "A" said she must get something for her brother. He is 10 and very sweet. What a doll! "A" then wanted this purple sparkely dress, which she showed EVERYONE who passed! =)

"A" then proceeded tell us that her parents were both in jail and that her granny takes care of her. She named her doll her mothers name , so she could play with her mom. It broke my heart. I started looking at all these children, they were so happy! They were having the best time shopping. "A" was just so excited. I wanted to take her home! "A" made sure she gave us the biggest hugs!!

So, when we are grumbling, complaining, and busy remember there are those who are less fortunate and this season is about GIVING not RECEIVING.

So I leave you with this conversation with my aunt and "A"

On our way to the register

"A": "Ok I'm ready, wait I don't have no money"

Aunt: "Thats ok, its all paid for"

"A": "Really? Why?"

Aunt:"You know why, because Jesus love  you"

"A": "I know! Jesus love everybody"

Aunt: "But he especially loves you!"

"A": giggles

She melted my heart! So be praying for little "A" and her brother.

Until Monday... Have a blessed Sunday!


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