Five Question Friday

Linking up with Mama M
1. What is your favorite Christmas decoration in your house?

Probably my tree and the ornaments!! Love them! Each ornament means something to us, and its just beautiful...

2. Do you finish your Christmas shopping early or are you a last minute type?
Usually I don't shop until December, b/c I juggle all the money around so I CAN buy Christmas =)

3. When do you turn on your heat?

We usually don't turn it on. Josh will , but I end up turning it off. I get stuffy quickly. So usually we just are bundled up. lol

4. Do you ever wish your blog was private?

Nah... I share it. I'm a pretty open person. There is always that secret blog I can vent on =) I just change all the names heehee

5. Do you put your deodorant on before of after you put on your shirt?

Both. Sometimes I forget, lucky for everyone else my underarms never smell. Have no idea why. But I use Mitchum.. and I can put deodorant on every other day and be fine. I know weird right? 

That wraps up five question Friday!! Have a great weekend! 


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