Thoughtful Thursday!

Thinking, thinking, I'm thinking...

Ok to be honest I haven't had a moment to think! CRAZY buys during the  Holiday season! I love every minute of it though!

So guess what time it is... time for Randomness.

Ever wonder why some people get so frustrated over the silliest things that don't matter? Well, they matter to that person... Or all of sudden are snappy. It happens to best of us... You didn't get enough sleep, you and your hubby just argued, your family has drove nuts all day.... Then that one person says something so simple and its "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD" HA!

You know exactly what moments I'm talking about.

So for a good laugh here are a couple videos...

And this one is CRAZY!! Top 10 weirdest phobias... This particular channel I would subscribe to they have crazy stuff

Ok, now for one that I quote often b/c this girl is so cute but the video is just hilarious!
(the low voice is my fav... I feel it in my mmooowwwtthhh)

Enjoy bloggers!


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