Yes its a frightful word. death. Its something we all dread. You can never prepare for losing someone you love. Three friends of mine lost people they love over the last couple of days. Thats 3 deaths.My prayers are with them and their families, and the families of the ones lost. I personally have a hard time with death. After losing both of my dad's parents within 10 months, a friend to cancer and many others..death makes me a little squeamish. I believe we are promised a life after death with Jesus and that brings comfort. However we still mourn.We still have tears.

Death is scary. Sometimes I think as Christians we almost feel guilty because we get upset, angry, cry when we lose someone.We are 'supposed' to hold strong, where is our faith? We aren't supposed to question?

Death is a sad part of life, and sometimes its something good. What I mean by that is if you have a loved one suffering and they fine peace and pass, its a relief that our loved is not suffering. When my grandmother passed she was on a ventilator and not breathing on her own. I remember them doing test and there being no brain activity. As my dad and his siblings decided to let her go. Not to prolong her being on machines. That was one of the hardest days of my life. Saying good-bye, watching my dad suffer as his heart broke...

I'm reminded of a story of Jesus, when his friend Lazarus died. It's actually the shortest scripture in the bible, "Jesus wept" (John 11:35). Lazarus was his Jesus friend. He loved him. Jesus mourned for his friend.

I guess my point is its ok to cry, question, be angry... But find that peace that we have with our Lord. Let him comfort you.

Please remember Jon, Melisa, and Paul... These are my friends who are mourning and saying good-bye to a friend, a brother, and a father.


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