25 things..

So today is a random post to laugh at... I'm linking up with my cousin 

25 Random Facts about Me... I'm really going to be honest here BEWARE =)

1. I have a habit of cleaning Josh's ears! It drives me crazy, and him too! I doesn't understand why it bothers me... I don't know either! lol

2. I've had the same best friend since I was 9yrs old- Melanie... Don't know what I would have done with out her! We have been through everything together!

3. I've only seriously dated, kissed, held hands, slept with one man - My husband. 

4.No matter if I get a glass out of the dishwasher or cabinet if I didn't wash it I HAVE to at least rinse it out or clean it over. The only place I don't do this is my at my grandparents house. Weird right? 

5. I DO NOT  touch raw meat, if I have to its only chicken. THen I wash my hands a billion times! and the counters or anything I thought was touched. 

6. I love my church, but I will never put church before my families needs. You have to have a balance. God, family, church, then work. Thats how I feel about it. 

7. My heart hurts if someone thinks I'm being snobby or judgmental. As an adult I've strived to work on that. I don't think I'm better then anyone.

8. I wear flip flops ALL summer... I don't ever put on any socks as soon as its warm enough

9. I love Disney movies, and I own many VHS's of them, I can pretty much recite Aladin and Lion King word for word. Just ask Josh! lol

10. I still have all my barbie dolls. Saving them for my daughter. 

11. I love VHS tapes, I don't why. Maybe its a childhood thing? But I would rather watch them.

12. I watch Roseanne at least once EVERY day ... LOVE that show! Now we have Netfilx OMG its a Roseanne marathon all the time! Of course I only watch seasons 1-4 didn't care for it much after that. 

13. I actually a little ditzy, not many people know this. lol I hide it very well

14. I am always tripping or losing my balance. I think I may have a inner ear problem  they missed when I was a kid ha!

15.I have a speech impediment. However it didn't start until I was older? Wierd. I cant say my w's or r's really well. If I have to say them back to back you are sure to notice

16. I get extremely angry at mothers and fathers who do not appreciate their children, or treat them wrong. Be grateful you have children there are those they would love to have a baby and can't

17. I have to make myself wear tennis shoes. I just don't think they are cute. Of course I have a cheap pair from walmart, but they have lasted me 2yrs. (Shows how often I DONT wear them)

18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE holidays! All holidays! My favs are Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

19. I like to wear layers. I'm always wearing a undershirt with a cute over shirt, when I was a young teen I used to wear white button up shirts over EVERY shirt... A very strange phase lol

20. It is taking me almost 10years to get a 4yr degree... alas... at least I'm still trying. 

21. My first time having a new reliable car was after I was married for a year.

22. I smoked for a month and hid it from everyone... I was 21 lol

23. I have PCOS

24. No matter how hard I try  I can not grow my fingernails out! 

25. I remember accepting Jesus into my heart in Sunday school when I was only 3... he captured my heart!! 


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