What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie

I'm Loving that my geography class last night was actually very entertaining!

I'm Loving that today is Wednesday and one day closer to the weekend!

I'm Loving that I have such an amazing group of friends :)

I'm Loving that my hubby is so cute! 

I'm Loving my day off yesterday, where we spend 3+ hrs outside playing with the dogs and our version of baseball :)

I'm Loving that our babies blanket will be in the mail soon

I'm Loving that tomorrow I'm mailing my first gift swap today (a little late oops) 

I'm Loving my husband for being so sweet

I'm Loving our baby and miss her so much. 

I'm Loving my Jesus for his peace and strength

What are you Loving??

Happy Blogging :)


  1. I hope it's okay if I ask this but do you think y'all will try to have more children one day? I'm been praying so hard for y'all to have the family you deserve!!

    Please don't think I'm prying or anything. I hope it's okay that I asked that.

  2. Sounds like your doing better my dear! Love you

  3. Prayers to you and yours. Sweet lovin' list.


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