Friday's Letters

Hey its Friday! And I for one am excited that its the weekend. I'm mailing off my two blog gift swaps today! One I'm late on.... sorry! But when funds are low... I have to wait on that paycheck :) I received my first gift swap in the mail yesterday! I was SUPER excited! I got the cutest stuff! The reveal is not for a couple weeks I think so I will be sure to share... 


Dear NB, I'm happy for you. But this whole thing is making my heart hurt. 

Dear self, remember its ok to feel sad and have bad days. Just don't camp out there.

Dear Christmas in July partner, Your gifts were amazing!! I hope I can get you some cool stuff!

Dear 4th, I'm excited that we are having our first holiday get together at our OWN house

Dear House, I WILL finish unpacking you! 

Dear Josh, Thank you for being so positive and helping me sleep better

Dear nightmares, Thanks for taking a hike! 

Dear God, I know that you have a plan. I know you have a perfect timing. But right now I'm angry. Again its not my turn. But I still love you and I'm trying to trust you. Right now my heart is hurting. I know you know this. Give me strength today. <3

Thats all for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Happy blogging!


  1. Yay for having 4th festivities at your own house!! That's so exciting.

    I'm so sorry it's not your turn yet. I'm so glad you have allowed yourself to be sad and grieve.

    Have a great weekend. Seriously, this weather needs to be kind.


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