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So yesterday not such a great day. I just had a really hard time shaking off this depressed feeling. The doctor told me thats to be expected. Don't worry, the Dr. gave me a small dose of something to just help me through this time.

So I've been struggling with finding joy in anything I do. Things that would be pleasant to me just seem mundane and unenjoyable. Did I mention this blog was going to be a bit transparent... well I'm saying again (smile)

I'll be honest here, I don't feel like breaking out of this. I want to go home crawl in bed. And just lay there.  However, I AM making my self GO. I'm trying different things to give me some joy. I work on my house, go for a walk out side, cuddle with Abby, and spend time with Josh. Which is hard during the week. I want to spend all my time with him, but thats not realistic. I pray continuously through the day. Through this I've noticed a change in my personal relationship with Christ... it seems more intimate then it ever has before. There are no fake prayers, no pharisee prayers. I pray in desperation, to be comforted, sometimes just pour out my heart. Then there are times when I just listen and let God comfort me.

I've decided to start looking forward to things in the future. For Instance I signed up today with a HUGE gift exchange between bloggers! I can't wait!!

I'm also going to start talking with Josh about what we are going to do when he goes on vacation for a week... We can't afford to go to the beach so... We shall see. But today I am feeling better. 

But I'm trying to go through this... I told Josh yesterday that I was so frustrated because I couldn't go over, around, or under.. I have to go straight through this grief and its so hard. 

I'm never alone. I know God is with me. 

So until tomorrow! 

Happy Blogging!


  1. Got a great idea for your vacation! Mega bus! Go to Washington!! Stay a night or two at a hotel, eat cheap, cause you gotta eat at home anyway! You'll love it I promise! And the best thing is you only gotta pay for two seats cause Jesus rides for FREE. He'll be right there with ya! Love you!
    (just to see if you like to ride a mega bus, go on a real short trip first, like to Atlanta for the weekend)

  2. I hope you're able to get through this. I can't imagine what you're dealing with. I find when I'm struggling with my stuff, my prayers are a lot more passionate and desperate leaving me feeling closer to God. Funny how that is. but I love it.

    Hope you're able to find out what you can do for the vaca
    Emily at Amazing Grapes


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