My Mr. Wonderful

My Mr. Wonderful...

Josh came to me through the wonderful WORLD WIDE WEB! We met on a Christian singles website. Both of us HUGE skeptics. But as fate would have it, he found my profile. He messaged me. After talking for about a month online and on the phone we met.

When I first seen Josh I thought he was the cutest thing ever. He opened doors for me. One night he sweetly held my hand and kissed me. I knew then he had stole my heart.

Josh always is ready to help where ever he is. Almost every time we arrive at an event, service, family gathering Josh is called to duty - to help the technology challenged. He does it every time with a smile. Any one who knows him knows he will do what you ask of him without complaint or grumble. He doesn't act prideful about it. He is one of the most humbling man I have ever met.

Together we have been through so much together. Recently losing our baby. The week of losing our baby he was right there with me. Not expecting nothing of me, but just to be loved and cared for. He wouldn't let me lift a finger. He celebrated his first Father's Day with our child in Heaven. He handled it with love and grace. Concerned with making sure our baby was celebrated not him.

Always telling me to rest. Constantly making sure that I'm feeling loved. He truly takes care of me. (a good thing too).

When he loves, he loves with his whole heart! He loves my siblings as his own. My parents as his own. He loves his parents with everything in him. His love for God is deep and rooted. The way he is compelled to reach out and teach our Jr High group is amazing.

All the while this wonderful man never thinks much of himself. Or that he is anything great.

But he was and is my knight in shining armor. I LOVE spending my life with him.

He is my Mr. Wonderful... He is my Josh

** I'm entering Josh in a contest at this LINK ... Find the link at the bottom of this post that says "My Mr. Wonderful @ Aunt LaLa"  and click "LIKE" underneath.**


  1. sweet! Ya'll are so cute together! Was Josh at prayer meeting last night? I don't remember seeing him.

  2. I prayed for josh, specifically...He meets all requirments that I asked God for. I am so proud of both of you and cant wait to see what the "God plan" is for you both. I appreciate our joshy so much and am thankful for his parents that love my daughter as their own, and for raising this wonderful man of God for my daughter. with all my love, Lauren's mom, Kathy.

  3. Without my nagging, and God nudging you to check the website for christian singles , you may not have met. ~smile~. But of course the Lord had a plan for me to nag again and again and still nagging like the energizer bunny. Yes, Josh is one of the greatest guys I know! love you both!


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