To be or not to be

We have two choices when we are walking through this life in my opinion.

We can:

#1 Blame God for everything. Which takes so much energy to be angry at someone who loves even when you hate them. Every decision you make that makes you suffer a consequence, well thats God's fault. He could have stopped me. Or a loved one is suffering.. God's fault. He could have made that person different or helped the situation. So one passes away. Your heart is broken. God should let us live forever. Or they were taken so soon. How could a loving God do this?

#2 Cling to God. Understand that yes LIFE happens. Its a cycle of things. Events and circumstance make us who we are. And God gives a choice because he loves us so much. So when I fall and make bad choices he is there to pick me up. When I see loved ones suffer for various reasons, I trust that God has a perfect plan for THEM. I am not God, and do not know what there walk is. Its theirs. Through their trials and pains God is molding them for what he has planned. When we lose someone to death, I hold on to NO ONE is promised tomorrow. And let me be frank, do you expect all of us to live forever. Death is a part of life. The most painful part to me. Some times lives on this earth are shorter then others. My baby was only 10 weeks old. What a short life that impacted my heart so greatly, I will never be the same. But I except it is what it is. And that there was a reason. Does it hurt going through life's journeys sometimes? You bet. Do I have all the answers? Nope. However, I have faith in my God that he will never leave me, he will give me strength and peace. And he understands me better then I do.

Out these two - I see accomplishing alot more in #2 then in #1...

#2 I can work through my healing. Have and peace and strength. Move on. I'm never alone.

#1 I'm alone. Bitter. Angry. Never heal.

Just something to think about...

Tomorrow will be 21 days... just doesn't seem that long. Yet its seems like a eternity...


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