Monday? Already?

So Saturday Josh actually had Saturday off! :) We stayed up late and got up early. Picked up O and E... headed to the aqaurium! YAY!

Boy it was HOT! And crowded. But not too crowded. It was a normal crowd for tourist season.

I got some cute photos! But alas they are on my Ipod! I only have my cell, so you just get a couple of pics...

Olivia being cool with Uncle Josh's hat and sipping her juice!

Every few minutes.. "Lala, you are taking me to see the fishes..." A pre-schooler does not understand its a long drive, we will be there shortly LOL

Eli Loved it!! 
When we finally got there, after Olivia cracking us up. Her new word is "gagummet" her memaw says that while driving apparently because this was Olivia's attitude on the ride "Come on cars its green, gagummet" LOL How funny!!

They were not still unless we were holding them! 
They had so much fun!! They were I believe over excited!! Olivia was up at 7:30 waiting on us to pick her up at 10:30! :) Gosh I love these kids!

Sunday was a more of a relaxing day. Cleaning and having my grandparents over. Grandpa hadn't seen the house. He really liked it! They both said it felt so homey! We feel that way too! :)

It was nice having company and they brought us some groceries as our house warming "gift"! What better gift then that?? Did I mention I have awesome grandparents?? Well I do!

This week I'm back to school for 6 weeks for some Geography... hopefully that goes well. Then a month break. After that I will be in school for the next year and 1/2 (with the exception of a couple weeks here and there) But then I will have a DEGREE!! :)

Can't wait to be finished.

Happy Blogging Everyone!


  1. I just love aquariums! So glad y'all had a good time.

    Oh good luck with school!!

  2. Glad you had a good time with the kids! They are so fun! And Yep, you have awesome grandparents, they are little too nosey and meddle sometimes but be assured they love you and Josh with all their hearts.


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