A Sweet day

On Saturday I posted my new recipe HERE (It was delicious!)

Leading up to yesterday I felt such apprehension. It would be Josh's first Fathers Day... and with our baby already in Heaven. I knew it was going to be a rough day. It was going to be painful.

After much deliberation in my own mind I talked with Josh and we both agreed we would share the name of our baby with our parents. And give them something to remember her by. I don't know what I was apprehensive about, I guess because when you go through a miscarriage you get such various reactions. Reactions sometimes that hurt. But are said or done with good intentions. Being so sensitive to anything about our baby - the apprehension came.

So Saturday night Josh and I got together our gifts for our parents. And Sunday we woke up and went to church. Josh was struggling, I could see it. After we made it through service (which was amazing. Our associate pastor brought an awesome word! ) We were on our way to my parents when I told Josh I had something for him.

I had searched and searched for a Fathers Day card for him and our little baby. I found it. A website that has a great selection of cards to give loved ones that have gone through a loss such as this. You can find these cards at Missing Solace

After we had our tender moment with each other, it was on to my parents. Where we presented them with their gift. And told them our babies name. My dad said one of the sweetest things. As he put out our gift he said "She is apart of this family". That one statement made my heart smile.

Next we presented our gift to Josh's parents. When the time came to give it to them I knew it was going to be difficult. Then my Mother in Law said one of the sweetest things, "She is apart of our family". And was already talking about what and where she would put our gift.

There were tears. But I know this is going to help all of us heal. And we can all celebrate a little life that impacted us so much, and through that life I'm growing in Christ.

We celebrated Josh's fathers day too. He got a card from his parents and shared a cake with his dad
Love this picture

Afterward we went to see my grandfather (who I adore by the way) had a great time talking to all of our family. And I was the "puller" of a full wagon of kids! :) Loved every minute of it!

So you see yesterday was such a sweet day. We were able to celebrate the life of our baby, And were able to celebrate the men in our life. That made my heart smile. I know I will see her in Heaven. Maybe one day I will feel like I can share with everyone her name and what we have done to remember her by. It will just take time. I want to share with a few loved ones before I announce it to the "world" (Smile)

Happy Blogging :)


  1. I know those moments were bittersweet, thank you for sharing them. I am going now to look at the Missing Solace page, thanks.

  2. Oh wow! How sweet indeed was your day! Thank you for sharing with us, just a small part of your day. You both are well on your way to healing! :)

  3. I was thinking about y'all yesterday, wondering how you were holding up. Such a bittersweet day. I do hope, when you are ready, you will share your blessed little girl's name with all of us. She deserves to be celebrated!!

  4. I am so proud of what you have done to remember our little baby, she is and will be eternally loved by all of us. Thank you for including dad and I in this beautiful thing you have done. I love you and Josh very much!


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