Heavy Eyes

This past few days I have not got much sleep! I keep having nightmares. Horrible ones. Feeling some extra anxiousness this week over everything. The nightmares not helping!

But last night Josh prayed for me and read a Psalms and I slept wonderfully!

Had my class Tuesday - Introduction to Geography... and to be honest I loved it!!  The professor name is Sheldon! Which made me laugh... Even though I don't really care for the show "Big Bang Theory" it did make me laugh!

He is also from New York! Which made me just like him more because he was my grandfather times about 100! LOL Which you knew my grandfather he is such a character and always makes me laugh! So needless to say I was very entertained by Professor Sheldon :)

Thats all for a today!

 Happy Blogging!


  1. Awww, what a sweet hubby you have! I hope the nightmares subside.


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