What does your Faith meant to you, Melanie?

Today's guest post is from my dearest friend Mel! Melanie and I are best buds! We have been best friends since we were nine years old. Not many are so blessed to have a best friend that are for life. We have been been through everything together! We stood with each other against the world (so we thought) , we have made "Buck of our Lives" videos, we have laughed until we were crying, cried on each other shoulders, been there to cheer each other on, we have seen each other at our worst and been honest enough to tell them so (LOL) ... We were also there standing as witnesses on each of our wedding days.  I love you best bud!

What my faith means to me.

If you've ever mistakenly left home without your coat during an unexpected cold front, you know the feeling I'm about to describe.
You check the weather, you step outside your door, you see the sunshine peeking through the window. You say to yourself "Its a little cool but its only the morning, it will warm up."
You leave your house with maybe a sweater only to find, when you arrive at your destination, that you are miserably freezing. To make matters worse, you have a day planned OUTDOORS.

 Without my faith, my life would be like taking on a freezing winters day without a coat: totally unprepared for the elements that await me. 

Like that coat, faith is my covering. I am covered by God's love and grace and shielded from the bitter, cold emptiness that I often witness in the lives of people around me. 

Like that coat, faith is my comfort. It makes the harshness of life bearable and keeps me stable on the inside when the world around me is in chaos. 

Like that coat, faith keeps me stylin'. No, I don't mean looking hot!  I mean my faith enables me to look the way I truly desire to look, reflecting the character of Christ by being honest, gracious, loving and kind, things I couldn't be without it. 

I've tried making my way through many a miserable, cold day without a coat only to find myself borrowing one or hitting up a cheap store for ANYTHING that will keep me warm. Similarly, if we try to approach the world without faith in Christ as our covering, it will be all to easy to buy into whatever else is being sold out there, we'll look for ANYTHING to bring us comfort, cover us and gives a sense that we are "good."

Faith to me, is security that I am prepared for whatever may come. Like that coat on a winter's day, I can not leave home without it!
Thank so much for sharing Mel!! What a way to look at your faith? I love the concept and analogy. 

Go check out Mel's blog over at Small Adventures in Being Along

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. Great post Mel! Made me think as I get older how much colder the winters are and sure don't want to be without my coat. In fact I like the "layering" my warmth with a sweater underneath the coat. LOL!
    Since I was little my mom and dad embedded faith in me, around me and covered me with stories of miracles, healings, deliverances, so I feel I am fortunate to pass the "faith" stories to our children and grandchildren. Love you!


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