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Tuesday's Prayers

There is so many things that are going on at the same time and it is very overwhelming at times. 
Some days are better then others... 
If you read my POST yesterday then you know yesterday was one of those darker days. 
But I felt the prayers, and God intervened and showed me he cared (as he always does.)

I went to a funeral yesterday. One of our Jr High kids lost his father last week. My mood yesterday was not one that went along with trying to console. I was hurting. But there were people I loved hurting worse. 

The funeral was a great experience for sure! It really was a celebration of life! It was definitely not a funeral I have been accustomed to, but I hope when my funeral comes that its that way. People being ministered to and finding peace and strength from God. Also with a few laughs :)

I was really stressed out about  work as well yesterday, there are so many questions and deadlines. 

But then AGAIN today, God went  before me and smoothed the crooked place and made things fit into place. 

He is so faithful!! 

Then after a scare with my sister Kim ( who went into pre-mature labor yesterday @ only 31 weeks) was actually sent home after ALL labor stopped!! Praise God for that!

I do have a couple of request...

My sister Kim , little Nathan needs to stay in mommy for at least 3 or 4 more weeks to be OK... It would be WONDERFUL if he stayed the full 40 weeks! 

My job, I am employed under a grant. So I'm praying if it be the Lords will for the grant to be approved for another year! I love this job, and feel the program is helping some of the kids. 

My Pastor, he has been fighting some health issues. He strength has been dwindled. He needs our prayers. Pray for healing. 

Is there anything I can pray for you for? Just let me know. You can email me if you would rather... auntlala25 [at] gmail 

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. Yes, so much to pray about. People going through tragedy, hurting , needing help from God. Some time we say "all we can do is pray", like it's the last thing that pops in our mind, when it should be the first. I am guilty of that so many times. God firgive me!
    Love you

  2. Prayers that your job situation would be stable and continue for next year.


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