I'm going to have 3 nephews!

Everytime I think about having 3 nephews it really makes me want to shake my head!

It is just strange to me some times as I sit and think about how much life changes so quickly. You spend so many years at home growing up- cousins, camping, family vacations, sibling rivalry, Christmas EARLY mornings...

Then one day... Your married. 2 cousins have moved far away :( , Christmas is not the same, grandparents pass away, family vacations have to be divided up or taken seperatley because not EVERYONE can go at the same time... Its like your ONE big family because multiple families... Ugh... This post has made me sad.

My intention was to write about how much fun I had last week when I got visit my sister (Who is baking my 3rd nephew) and nephew! I also got to spend a day hanging out with my  best friend!

So lets continue down that road... yes? OK!

So last Monday started my spring break! I had planned a trip to GA and my mom decided to tag along and surprise my sister! She had no idea that mom was coming! (we are sneaky like that)

My sisters mother cooked us a fabulous meal! JJ was able to open his presents (Christmas,birthday, and Easter basket... I wasn't going to miss a any celebration!)

I also was able to find some cute stuff for my new nephew!

One said "aaargg change me booty" and the other "Dude your girlfriend is checking me out"

The bib I got said "My aunt loves me"

It was so great to feel the baby kick! I was so excited!

Here is some photos!

Memaw and JJ

JJ and LaLa

My sister Kim, the one I have requested prayer for. Continue to pray.

Have a great Wednesday!

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. Glad you had a good trip even though it was quick. Next time you'll have to take Josh with you so you won't have to hurry to get back! LOL!
    3 Nephews, 1 niece and they family keeps growing! Thank the Lord always!!

  2. I am so proud of my family and even though it's sad we are apart sometimes, I still feel so close to all of you! I am excited my babies are all doing well! Memaw is happy about our new little one coming in June! I loved spending time with Kim and yes my husbands x wife treated us to a fabulous meal and really enjoyed our day! Kissing on jj was my gift of the day and the look of surprise on Kim's face when she saw me! Then spending time with my other baby girl, Mel, was awesome! She put me a little treat in my room, yummy! Oh and I ate steak that was paid for by sweet Mel! Love you LaLa, it was great!


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