What does your Faith mean to you, Facebook?

Hey it's me! Oh I know I'm probably relaxing by the pool right now on the beach.... :)

Was not that some great guest post! Seriously check these ladies out :)

So I posed the question "What does your faith mean to you?" On twitter and facebook. These are some of the answers I got... 

Lisa: Trusting in God 100% of the time

Josh: everything I am, with out it I'm nothing.

Sharon: Trust, confidence in our Lord! Keeps my fear away!

Frances: It's what that takes me through each and every day. It's what gives me the strength to go on and do the impossible when in the natural I feel like all hope is gone. It's my faith in Jesus that gives me the hope and peace needed to survive in this present world and gives me joy in my heart. And my faith in Jesus is what will take me to Heaven when my life here is over...It's who I am at the core of my being.

Pat: Trust!

So, I ask you bloggers, what does YOUR faith mean to you??

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


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