Conflict in your marriage

I remember when J and I first got married.... that first year held plenty of practice to deal with conflict.

Your first year of marriage is one of bliss, change, compromise, and making up ; )

Those who read my blog daily know that I am a student still. I'm working on a degree...

Honestly, I feel that my marriage is an atmosphere for learning just like my college class rooms. I have been taught more things about my self, life, love, death, and so on than in any other area of my life through our marriage.

God has used our marriage as a teaching tool for sure!

No matter how much you love each other.... Sorry to tell you there WILL be conflict. If there isn't then I would look at how honest you both are with each other. Because joining two different people in all of life's crazy happenings is not one of ease.

So, just some pointers that I've learned in my marriage to handle conflict... (I by no means have perfected these!)

1. Let your pride GO! - When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

2. Say your sorry - a monologue you hear often in our house "I'm sorry that hurt your feelings, It was not my intention" "I'm sorry that I was being grumpy. I love you" :)

3. Admit when your wrong - talk it out. Explore why you reacted that way. Usually there is more then just what is on the surface

4. Pray, Pray, Pray together! This is so important. Let God be right in the middle of your marriage. Let him teach you through your spouse! He has taught me so many things by using J!

5. Be HONEST - even if you think it doesn't matter, or it may hurt their feelings. Be honest with the way you are feeling. Things buried only come back to haunt you or cause a drift between you. For example, J was trying to do some things differently for us. And I still was struggling with some left over emotion, I was so apprehensive about sharing that because I didn't want him to feel like a failure. However I really needed to talk it out. And we did. I just made I reassured him that I took notice of him working diligently on "us". After we both felt better and moved on! :)

I'll leave you with these five things. I am by no means an expert but I believe in marriage. I also believe that no matter how long you have been married, not matter young or old - YOU CAN HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE! It takes work and love, most of all God.

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 Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa


  1. Love your tips, Lauren! My goodness the letting go of pride is so important. And we can never underestimate the power of being the first to say sorry. It may be humbling but it reaps the greatest rewards.


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