Happy 4th Birthday JJ!

Where does time go??

Today 4 years ago I was made an aunt for the second time. My nephew JJ was born... I love him so dearly!

This little boy is a fighter! He was born 4 weeks early and had collarbone broken during birth! Yet he was a good baby, didn't cry much, and had LOTS of smiles and giggles to offer!

His smile and laugh are the sweetest sounds! I miss him and wish he was in the same state as our family but alas... he has a home and a life in GA with his mommy :)

LaLa loves you with all her heart! I cannot believe that 4years has already gone by!! You little guy are a ray of sunshine in our life. I know that God has great plans for you!!

Love you forever,

Aunt LaLa

Uncle R and JJ

Christmas 09

Mommy and JJ (Thanksgiving '10)

Trip to Ga 2009

Visit 3/2012

Lala holds JJ for the first time!

Visit 3/2012

Cousins :) 2012

JJ Dedication 2009

Aquarium '12- JJ, O, and Lala

Uncle J and his buddy JJ

Cousins :) 2010

 Have a great Thursday!!

Staying Hopeful, 

Aunt LaLa


  1. He needs to be around us more! Maybe we can make more trips down to see him this year! I love the "cousins" photos and Uncle Josh is a wonderful role model in their lives as is Uncle Ricky in JJ's life. Proud of the babies that brighten my life everyday! By the way, they are lucky and blessed to have you for their aunt Lala.

  2. So sweet! Those little boys really have a way of tugging at your heartstrings, don't they? Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  3. I nominated you for another Liebster award if you want to join in the fun. ;-)


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