Ugh... Today was one of those days where either I am just sensitive or people are being insensitive. So I decided to follow suit with my cousin Amberly and on Wednesday's will be dedicated to "What I'm Loving Wednesday"... It seems Wednesdays are are always crazy , so maybe this will help to get me in a better disposition.
  1. I love that when Josh and I get in a disagreement we both can apologize. I can be honest with him if he upsets me, then I can tell him and he ALWAYS says he is sorry
  2. I love that when I am in a bad mood I watch Roseanne, it helps some how
  3. I love that when a bad mood happens, all I have to do is walk to the building behind me and see my niece and nephew
  4. I love that I'm losing so much weight that I need a belt with all me pants =)
  5. I love that on Wednesdays I get to go to church, and after praise and worship I feel rejuvenated. 
  6. I love when Josh is off on Wednesday's!
That's what I LOVE <3


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