Monday, Monday

Yes, obviously "Saintly Saturday" was overlooked...I was enjoying a weekend with two of my good friends~ It was so much fun to be '14' again!

* Have to add something in here for Saintly Saturday...My grandparents. Bill and Sharon Lyman are two of the most wonderful people I know. I love them dearly. They were gracious enough (as always) letting my friends and I crash at their house. The loudness, the mess, the laughing. It was a blast. They are so entertaining. Between Grandpa's stories of his younger days.. to Grandma getting frustrated because Grandpa kept interupting her! They are always giving so much to their family, it would take me  a billion years to pay them back for how much they mean to me and have done for me. *

So here it is Monday!! AAHHH Yes its here!

Not much to write, need to be doing my projects for class tonight but I'm avoiding about to do them... Just after I blog. So because this is going to a relatively calm day I decided that I would just give you a glimpse into my fun weekend!

Ready for night in downtown Knoxville
 About to eat a yummy dinner!
 Here we are.. matching pjs and all
Awesome $3 hat I found at the flea market! 
 "Love is a battlefield" reenactment from 13 Going On 30! HAHA! The other didn't want a pic! =)
 Conversation was just fascinating! These girls love their phones
 Amy getting a Henna tattoo from a man with VERY shaky hands lol
Hanging out in The Village in Gatlinburg

Well that is it! See ya tomorrow!! Remember we are not promised tomorrow, be thankful for your loved ones and make sure they know you love them!!


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