Monday, Monday...

OK, so Monday has made it, and I know millions of people were dreading it. Honestly I was looking forward toward this Monday... I know crazy right? Well I'm off on Mondays and its usually my school work day, my running around, my cleaning day. However this Monday was going to be different because Josh was off with me.

****back up... the reason this is so exciting is because for almost a year straight Josh had EVERY Monday off. It was a designated day together. We would usually go out for breakfast and just spend the a nice , calm day together. Well when Josh got his new job in August, our Monday's were taken away. ****

So, after looking forward to this day you can say I was a little dispointed that Josh woke up SICK yesterday. So I tucked him back in and went on to church with out him. Which I do not like. But he was just feeling bad. So today I was hoping he was feeling better

Because after all this was supposed to be OUR Monday!? Well he still wasn't feeling all that great. I knew that I had class tonight... (Which I am writing this in right now ...hehe)...

Well we get up fairly early I have to make some calls for my boss who is out of town. Then I say right don't we grab a bite. So we finally get ready. I have a melt down. Either it was because of lack of food (it was noon and I hadn't ate... not a good idea) , hormones, or I have no idea =)

So after just venting to Josh (poor thing, he just let me vent and held me) I was like OK I felt better. I realized then I didn't have my wallet which had our bank card in it... yes, that triggered more tears. After we finally got food I did feel better. And after going home I did some cleaning. Then we just sat on our couch which I then fell asleep on Josh for a quick nap... It was SO nice.

Then I went to school... So that was my Monday. A true whirlwind of all different kinds of emotion. Happy-Frustrated-OK-Mad-Full-Happy-Sleepy-Bored.... Now I am home and content watching Natures deadliest.

Until Tomorrow... Nighty Night!

PS for your entertainment Monday! Monday!


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