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1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If do, do you still have it?
I did have a fav toy. It was a doll I named Ashley. She was always with me... I slept with her until and embarrassing age. I had her since I was 3, then when I was 18 she got left at an old house. Never got back to get her.  And I have my barbies... Which I still have. Saving them for our daughter one day. 

2. I love it when my ______ does_____.
I love when my niece says, "Lala, I love you" melts my hear every time!! 

3. Your at a ball park. You have $5 in your pcoket. You order...
A drink! Anyone who knows me well that I always have a water, tea, or coke in my hands

4. If you could have any celebrities 'voice' at the voice on your GPS, who would it be?
Probably Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp... yeppers!!! =) I would use the GPS to get me to my job! HA!

5. Are you a messy sleeper or a neat sleeper?
I'm a neat sleeper... I usually sleep in the same position every night. 1/2 on belly/side, leg hiked up, one leg out from under the covers or no covers at all =)


  1. Johnny Depp, GOOOD choice!
    There is nothing better than to hear a child {especially a niece or nephew} say I love you. It's awesome!

    Welcome to the blog world, & Share Your World, Thursday.

  2. Yes I couldn't decide if I wanted Johnny Depp the Pirate or Johnny Depp Don Juan DeMarco =)


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