Saintly Saturday

So for Saturdays are going to be reserved for "Saintly Saturday" ... I will either share a story I find, hear, or expierence that features someone acting as a servant to people. Who put others before themselves...

So, my first one is going to be my great-grandmother. Vera Ester Pruitt, she passed away when I was 8 yrs old. I remember her funerial vividly. She made a lasting impression on me.

I've heard countless stories of this wonderful woman.Grandma Pruitt preached at her little church on her property. She would pick up strangers and feed them, no matter what they looked like or smelled like. She didn't care. She was about showing them that there was a savior who loved them.

She made such an impression her little town that when she would stop by the fast food places they would just take her checks, knowing they probably weren't good. (She thought if she had checks she had money heehee)

She reached out to my dad before he was saved, made him know she didn't like what he was doing but she loved him. Because she looked past his faults and seen an abused soul that needed love. Grandma Pruitt showed him Christ like love.

Grandma Pruitt always made me feel loved. She loved everyone with her whole heart. The last time she stayed at my house dad had cooked dinner for her. Her favorite recipe dad just made up. My tooth was hanging by a thread. Mom and dad were chasing me around the house to help me pull it out. I was hiding under the table, running for what seemed to me my life (HA!!!) ... Grandma Pruitt laughed and laughed. Then when it was time for bed I stayed with her on the pull out couch. She was tickling and we were giggling! I'm so glad I have the memory. I loved her so much!!

I know she is in Heaven now with her loved ones and one day I will see her again!  I hope when I leave this earth that I have a legacy like the one she left.


  1. She told me about the tooth and said it was the funniest thing and the hardest she laughed in all her life! How special to share that you made her laugh the most!
    That day you not only made her smile but made her giggle like a little girl again herself! Great story Lauren and I agree a great woman of God!

  2. Wow, you are right she was such a great woman and left such an amazing legacy. I wish that I had a lasting memory of her. I can remember her face and the way she looked and talked but thats about all. I would love to hear some more stories about her. She definitely had a hand in all of our lives. :)


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