Thoughtful Thursday

So I have seen on a few blogs lately that people have a theme for each weekday... Well I really like to blog but sometimes need some direction. So I decided to follow the bloggers out there come up with a theme for each weekday. Thursdays are "Thoughtful Thursday". This is just some thoughts maybe sometimes serious, sometimes funny...

So, something that has been on my mind consistently lately is- How do people see me?  

Everyone that knows me I'm pretty sure knows that Christ is the center of my life. Not religious hogwash (that is definitely a southern term I believe HA!) But an actual daily relationship with Jesus! I love him! I want to honor him, I want God to look at me and say "Well done good and faithful servant" ... All Glory goes to him! Please don't misunderstand, if I have offended you then I want to make amends and talk it out, but I'm not a person that depends on others feelings about me. I am who God made me, we all have our quirks. However, we still have choices and we choose how we 'use' our personality.

Ok, now, even if your not a christian, I have to believe that there are millions of people out there that want to be a decent person. A 'good' person. So ask your self - How do people see me? 

At our ladies meeting at church, our associate pastor brought up some very interesting questions that have had me thinking...

Am I a happy person with a positive attitude - or do people see me coming and avoid me like a plague?!!  

Am I being an effective witness for Christ? - Does anyone know I'm a christian, is my attitude matching my proclamation of being a Christian?

How do people feel when I leave them? - Uplifted or weighed down or maybe just exhausted

Do I bring out the worst or best in people? - Is there a lot of drama surrounding my life? Am I in a lot of arguments? 

Do I look to GIVE more or RECEIVE? - Where am I on the selfish scale? Have I volunteered lately? Or am I stuck on thinking of myself? 

These are very thought provoking. So I've decided to take action... we need as Christian especially  to think about our affect in our little world where ever that might be. My little world is in East Tennessee, so I'm watching, praying for opportunities to show Christ, so that HE may get all the Glory. I've already contacted several volunteering avenues that I'm going to jump right into, because its time that we stop proclaiming and doing. 

My new favorite verse is Philippians 4:5 "Let your gentle spirit be known to all men..." God is not like King Triton on the Little Mermaid, he is a loving father. He sent his son to die for a people who continue to ignore/ deny/ scoff at his existance. He knew they would, yet he still loves us. We are made in his image, lets show our gentle spirit.

This wraps up Thoughtful Thursday ... Until Tomorrow 


  1. I see you as a sparkling jewel to our family tree. Your giving, loving, and exhausting. I say your exhausting because as a grandma, being around you makes me feel young again. But my energy wears down even though I don't want it to. You put God first and that makes me proud.
    I don't have to tell you how much I love you because you already know.

  2. Thanks you grandma! Your right, I know how much you love me!! oxoxo

  3. Great thoughts!! I think the world of you.. I may be biased though..


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