These three words have been my cry all week. I had my nephew Jaysen with us and it broke my heart to send him home. The uncertainty of his home life scares me. He is so sweet! I love his smile and giggle! At times it was a struggle to keep up and rearrange our life to include a (almost) 3 year old toddler. He was FULL of energy!!  At times I did get frustrated, but then he would run and give me a hug. I would forget I just told to stop getting in the fridge for the hundredth time :) Last night was very upsetting. As we said good-bye to him and he poked out his little lip... and then when I got home and seen his bed that was empty in my room... Crying again ugh!

Lets talk about his visit!

Friday my dad watched him and that afternoon I took him to the park! He had a blast! Running after the older kids trying to communicate. Since his speech is very delayed the other kids were just looking at him, and you know what? It didn't seem to faze him at ALL! Of course the Aunt in me was like "YOU better be nice to him!! " :)

He was saying go go!

He loved the bridge

And the slide

and the swing

I LOVE that face! 

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of our trip to the Smokey Mountain Ripley's Aquarium!

Until then I'm going to remember to trust in the Lord, and not on my feelings and emotions.

Happy Blogging!


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