Date Night - "Hackers"

So as I mentioned in my previous post I had planned this whole date night just for me and J! It was so much fun getting it all together!! I first picked a theme (got my inspiration at Dating Diva's I highly recommend checking them out).
Theme: Hackers (husbands favorite movie)
1. quotes from the movie printed out and placed around the living room
2. 2 envelopes with rose petals with instructions on what to do next
3. Jar decorated by me with strips of questions (Getting to know you better) from the Dating Diva's
4. Carry bag with candle, PB&J, Apple
5. Movie Poster for door

All week I had been texting him little snippets of the surprise date. Not giving him really anything to go on :)) On Tuesday I sent him a invite in his email. I wrote a reminder on our message board in the kitchen on Wednesday. Friday I sent him a reminder email. By Saturday he was SO excited. Not knowing what scheme I had worked up. OK, so Josh had to work Saturday and his instructions were to call me when he pulled up I would come out. When he got there I came out with our carry bag of stuff, looking extremely sexy by the way. Wore one of my shorter skirts that he loves, hair curled, make up-- the works! So I tell him our first destination- The Park

That park was beautiful! The sun was shining. But that means more people right? So we chose a table that was away. So while Josh changed out of his work clothes in to some shorts. I set up the table. Candle lit. Snacks out. And some love songs from Pandora. and jar places right where he could it. When he got to the table you could tell her pleasantly surprised. Now, if you were a person who seen a couple with candles, holding hands wouldn't you think that was a place where you might not want to go?? Well I thought it would be a good idea to bring our new puppy. BAD IDEA!! So this walks up with her kid, "she wants to pet your dog"... So we tried not being rude but not overly friendly seeing that we were trying to have a date! HA! So after they FINALLY walked off. We finished our snack and started to do our questions, it was going so well... Until another lady walks up with whole family and dog. The dog slobbers all over me shirt (YUK!) and she is says "We need somewhere to sit" ... Then proceeds to stand under the tree RIGHT NEXT to our table. I look at Josh make a sad face "Lets move tables" . So we started gathering our stuff up and she comes over and sits down! WOW!! I was trying to keep in a happy mood, however Josh got very frustrated, "That was just plain rude" (His remark as we were walking away) So we finally find another table. After sitting there a while a couple comes up with their dog stay for a few minutes... And after one more interruption we continued our date :)) By that point we were cracking up!! So sorry Pixel you are no longer welcome to our park dates! After being at the park, which turned out to be very nice, we headed to the car.

Josh got envelope #1 - It was money for our very cheap dinner (pizza and fries which is what they eat in the movie---remember my theme) It said to drop me off go get the food then return.

So he dropped me off. I put the doggies up. Made a padded blanket picnic in the living room. Put the movie poster on the front door. Spread rose petals around us.

Josh gets home and opens envelope #2 - (I'm watching from the window) There is one movie ticket that I printed out. Still did not have the movie name on it thought (heehee) he started to smile, I could see he was enjoying himself.

He sees the poster, at first is confused then it clicked! So he walks in sees all his favorite quotes from the movie. I even taped some to the throw pillows. We sat on the floor had our picnic. Cuddled and watched the entire movie without interruption.

Just to add- the total date cost was $9 :)

Did I mention we turned our phones off? Well we did. What a break that was.

So that was the date!! It was so fun! My turn is in a month again ... I'm already scheming!

Putting this effort in my marriage is WORTH it!! The benefits that our marriage reaps because of surprises, thoughtfulness, and date nights are incredible!


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