Media a stumbling block in your marriage?

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Media. Media has a negative effect on not just marriages but every relationship. I can't tell you how many times I've seen families all together and all on their phones or Ipods or what ever electronic they have. I know personally media has effected my marriage. With my husbands permission, I will tell you he is addicted to media. 

When we first were dating he would tell how tired he was because he had been on the computer all night. Then we got married and for a while he still did that. Until I had to confront him on the issue. It would hurt my feelings going to bed alone so he could just look up "one more thing". That was his favorite phrase. So, because it bothered me so much we made a deal. He had an hour a day. We went to bed together. The electronics off. 

Unfortunately there have been people in our lives think this controlling of me, and that hurts. But only Josh and I know how it was affecting our marriage. We still struggle with this now. Its so much better!! But Josh listens when I'm like ok electronics off, I have to remind him. I am his wife. God said that Adam needed a help mate. That is what I do. 

Josh LOVES his Ipod, PS3, Laptop and would stay on them all the time! I still do not understand how he can find so much to do. So since I like to read, which he feels I block him out when I do. I admit when i read I've learned how to block out things around me (siblings will do this to you). 

So we have learned that to make sure we spend quality time together we spend an hour doing whatever. Reading. Ipod. PS3. Computer. SO that we make sure the other feels important. 

Just like everything else I feel in marriage you have to be AWARE, communicate. 

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  1. Can I get an AMEN!

    Media is sucking us in - thank you for sharing your thoughts on marriage VS media. I hope to reach out of at least ONE person as I've been reached out to. We do not want negative actions to refrain because of this social addiction.

    1. I totally agree. Its a huge problem in our society! Its as if people have just accepted the media as a substitute for relationships. That is so sad! Thank you for sharing as well!


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