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What a day! I never in my dreams thought that God would open the door he did today!

First, there is nothing locally supporting Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month or any one doing something October 15th for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day that I can find. 

So, J and I decided that we would put together a balloon release in honor of Hope. (If you are interested in attending or would like a balloon released in honor of a precious one then please feel free to email me auntlala25 at gmail - or comment) 

This morning I seen a post from a local news station trying to find out if there were any breast cancer awareness activities going on. I posted that this month was also Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month as well. She asked that I email her with more information about this. And I did. 

So WOW part is they want to interview me! I will be able to share our story and spread awareness!! How amazing is that!?? They will also share what time our balloon release is.

This scripture is one of my favorites. I have no idea what this is going to lead to, what doors will open, and most importantly what lives will be changed. As of right now I have only family joining me, but I'm hoping that others will come and hopefully find some hope and peace. 

More than anything I want God to get the glory for this and I want to see people reached. This is such a difficult thing to go through but I know that GOD is GOD and he has a plan. I may not understand it, some times I get angry... but as he reminded me several times this week... His ways are NOT my ways. 

With that please pray that I say what God would have me say and there are hearts mended through this. Even if it just one heart that finds peace with their loss it is worth it. 

Aunt LaLa


  1. I think this is wonderful ! How the Lord works! Opens door that you can't even imagine would be opened! Trust in Him!!!! Love you!

  2. Yeah! This is such a wonderful idea and now so many will know about it. God bless you and your beautiful community!!


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