Hope's Balloon Release II

So October 15th (which was my 28th birthday) Josh woke me up with blueberry pancakes in bed singing me Happy Birthday! 

It was a sweet start to our day. 

After getting ready we headed to the park to set everything up and get started with our 2nd balloon release in honor of Hope. 

Unfortunately there were several disapointments that morning, it almost as if something was trying to work against what we were doing. 

I was really excited to Channel 8 pull up and I was interview again! I've been trying to get my hands on that video, so pray I can. It was aired but I did not know that it would be. So hopefully I can see it. The reporter actually got footage of us praying and the balloons being released. 

It was an emotional day, very emotional. It was my honor to release balloons in honor of Hope and all the babies we are grieving for.

I'm thinking next year that we will try and have a release on the weekend before or after the 15th. That way more are available to come. 

So here are some photos that were captured.

In Memory of Faith

In Memory of Ashton, my nephew.

In memory of my tiny cousin Owen

In Memory of a precious little princess Mattie

In Memory of our precious baby Hope

Me being interviewed

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W e love you our sweet babies.


  1. Words can not express the feelings to see the balloons go up and away.

  2. I am just honored and just so glad to know you, Lauren. I just tried to find the new interview or story on their site but couldn't. U hope you can get it to share with us. You are doing an amazing work helping so many to cope with our grief and loss. Hugs, sweet friend! I am going to look into what we can do next year here!


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